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We are your online source for custom made challenge coins as well as various accessories. All of our products come with our expertise – 20 years of experience in custom coins. Our experience allows for an incredible amount of customization so that the finished product is truly a unique keepsake. Is your logo complex and detailed? No design is too complex for our professional artists.

What is the first step in minting your own personalized challenge coin? Our experience in the minting process has also allowed us to streamline purchasing process. Once you provide us with appropriate reference material from your organization, such as a unit insignia, or corporate logo, our staff can get to work immediately on crafting your personalized and unique challenge coin. You will have the opportunity to view the challenge coin ahead of time so that you know exactly what the finished product will look like before it arrives at your doorstep.

We don’t use short cuts or inferior materials. All of our traditional custom coins are minted using 100% brass centers and are then plated with the precious metal of your choosing. In order to ensure your challenge coin’s safe arrival, each coin is shipped in a protective polymer envelope, or in an optional display case.

Recognize Hard Work & Achievement

The gift of challenge coins goes a long way in recognizing your deserving team and builds morale throughout the ranks.

Recognize your deserving team, and help build morale throughout your organization with the gift of challenge coins. Challenge coin recipients will receive their keepsake with the knowledge that their enduring efforts are appreciated, and recognized. Bearers of challenge coins quickly realize their importance, and understand that they often recognize a difficult milestone in a distinguished career. Due to the cherished status of a challenge coin, our staff takes its job very seriously in crafting each and every one. Our name and reputation are at stake with each completed minted coin, and we do not want to see either tarnished.

Teamwork Matters

The corporate world has begun to adopt military strategies in order to achieve the same level of loyalty among their employees that the military has come to expect of its recruits. While monetary compensation is important for employees, salary alone does not boost the morale or act as an incentive to consistently drive the pursuit excellence. Due to their small size and personalized design, challenge coins provide a concrete reminder to an employee’s ability to stand up meet a challenge dead on, and to successfully achieve a demanding goal. A challenge coin thus becomes a coveted item because of the exclusivity and personalized nature. The recognition it bestows on the recipient is unlike any other. It reflects the employee’s individual personal value and contribution, and can therefore be a catalyst for a more intense pursuit of excellence. See some of our notable customers here.

Recognizing The Dedicated

Organizations who regularly and consistently achieve excellence understand the importance of appropriately recognizing their employees. Innovation, teamwork and loyalty should be coveted values in any successful organization. For corporations who use custom coins, the return on investment goes well beyond increased productivity. Challenge coins generate a sense of genuine identification with corporate values and goals.

Let us help you select the most appropriate materials in crafting your personalized challenge coins. Our expertise allows us to carefully describe the advantages or disadvantages of using hard or soft enamel depending on your specific design needs. Understanding the qualities that both materials offered will help to ensure that you receive the exact type of challenge coin that you want to present to your employees. Our creative and talented design team stands ready to produce an outstanding and unique signature product for your organization to proudly present.

Join the exclusive group of organizations that utilize challenge coins in order to establish a team building spirit and sense of comradery in a way that employees connect with. Wise military leaders recognized the benefit of these valuable keepsakes, and used these symbolic challenge coins as a way to strengthen the importance of their values and ideals.

Presenting this acknowledgement to your employees will benefit your organization in countless ways. Use challenge coins to commemorate tenure of service, or just to promote a heightened sense of responsibility and loyalty within your organization. Celebrate the exceptional characteristics, ideologies and skills of your employees with uniquely designed and highly personalized challenge coins.

This form of recognition is extremely effective and can be tailored to the budget of any size organization. Let us help you to achieve the highest level of performance from your members.