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Saying “I Do” with Challenge Coins

Think back to the many weddings you’ve attended and try to remember what the favors were. You can probably recall one or two, but chances are those favors — especially the edible ones like almonds or chocolate — are long forgotten. In planning your own wedding, you know you don’t want your special day to fade into oblivion in the memories of your guests. That’s why coming up with the perfect memento of your wedding day is key. Challenge coins, also known as arras coins or matrimonial coins, are the perfect choice to incorporate into your ceremony or reception. Guests can take these home and forever have a reminder of what made you as a couple so special.

These coins are becoming increasingly popular with brides these days, looking to recall a time of tradition yet with a modern twist. The design is round, elegant and solid, offering a chance for personalization as well. Perhaps one of the best ways to customize your day, challenge coins can bear any number of sayings, wording and names. One one side, you can etch both of your names, along with the date of the wedding. On the other side, you can etch a favorite saying, your wedding song, important dates in your relationship, a quote, or the bride’s and groom’s parents’ names. You can even use this portion as a tribute to a lost loved one, such as a mother or father who has passed on. What a lovely way to pay respect to those who can’t be there to witness your important occasion. In the event this is a second marriage and children are involved, you could list the kids’ names to symbolize the union of the two families.

Many Mexican and Spanish weddings feature matrimonial coins as part of the tradition, whereby the groom gives coins to the bride to signify the passing of the groom’s possessions and wealth. In turn, the bride promises to use this wealth wisely forever. Challenge coins reflect a couple’s commitment to one another in a beautiful way.

Choose from gold or silver coins, as well as several different formats and layouts. Incorporate a photo or graphic, and choose the font of your text as well. You can also tie in the theme or colors of the wedding to the coin, engraving symbols or wording that’s important to you as a couple. Not sure which plating to go with? Consider the wedding party colors, and match the plating accordingly. Go with gold for warm colors like yellow and red, and silver for cool colors such as blue and green.

Incorporating challenge coins into your wedding is easy, too. The bride could hand them out to everyone while greeting them in the receiving line, or the flower girl and ring bearer could pass them out. Another option is to have them placed on the side of each guest’s dinner plate, where you would put any traditional wedding favor. You may wish to add a card explaining the token of your love so that guests have a little background on the idea behind the favor. Challenge coins could also be placed at the reception near the guest book in a decorative basket for each guest to take one home. Include a simple card or sign that explains the meaning behind the favors.

These coins are perfect for buried treasure or Mardi Gras themed weddings. Place them in a treasure chest, along with some beads and fake jewels, and you have a wonderfully unique favor that your guests are sure to remember for many years to come.

Challenge coins can add a decorative, meaningful touch to any wedding — traditional or modern — allowing the couple to express their love for each other and appreciation for their guests in one simple yet detailed treasure. You can bet your guests won’t soon forget your wedding with coins made specifically for them to cherish.