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Make Your Tailgate Party Exciting with Challenge Coin Bottle Openers

Sporting events of all kinds have been popular in the United States since before the turn of the Century. Today, millions of sports fanatics enjoy watching everything from football and basketball, to hockey and baseball. While not everyone has the means to attend their favorite team’s games, the ones that do make an entire day out of the event. A tailgate party is the perfect way to get to the game early, enjoy delicious food with your friends, and get pumped up for the game you are about to watch. In fact, some attendees look forward to tailgate parties more than they look forward to entering the stadium and watching the quarters or periods of play.

Stocking Up For Your Tailgate Party

If you are arranging the tailgate party, you know that no party is complete without finger foods, snacks, and beer. Beer has become the staple of virtually every sporting event fan in the nation. There is nothing like enjoying your favorite domestic beer or imports when you are watching your favorite team. However, when you are strolling down the aisles of your favorite retail store, it is very common to get so overwhelmed with all of the beer choices, that you entirely forget to buy bottle openers for those who just do not like beer in a can. If you have a challenge coin bottle opener, you will never get caught at your tailgate party without a tool designed to take the pesky cap off of the bottle.

Coin Bottle Openers Make The Party Interesting

What Are Challenge Coins and Why Do They Make the Perfect Bottle Openers?

Challenge coins have been around since World War I. These popular medallions were carried by all military personnel and became a popular accessory by soldiers and civilians alike. While the coins were used for identification purposes in times of war, they had no real purpose but to display a person’s affiliation or their pride in modern times. It is not until now, that challenge coins have been turned into bottle openers, that they can be the perfect conversation piece and also have a purpose. If you are the type of individual who never leaves home without your challenge coin in your pocket, you will never get caught without a bottle opener, even at your tailgate party. Your challenge coin can be more than just for show when you buy a challenge coin and bottle opener in one.

Drinking, Sports, and Challenge Coins: They All Go Together

Everyone knows that drinking has been popular with soldiers since the units formed. Soldiers also spent a lot of their off time playing sports. In the past, soldiers were required to bring their coins with them everyone, including the bars. In today’s modern world, the coins have become more of a collectors piece. But considering the conversation that you can spark up with a challenge coin, it is no surprise that they are gaining popularity once again now that they have been manufactured into fully usable bottle openers. Now, you can combine drinking, sports, and challenge coins together at one party and your tailgate is sure to be the most entertaining one in the entire lot.

Challenge Coin Bottle Openers in All Shapes, Sizes, and Finishes

Do you have a favorite sports team, hobby, insignia, organization, or squadron? One of the best things about challenge coin bottle openers is that they can be customized just for you. If you want to represent anything from the army to the business you started, you can do that by ordering a custom piece. These bottle openers can be made in copper, bronze, silver, and gold finishes and come in various sizes and shapes. The sky is the limit.

Give Your Guests a Gift

Tailgate party guests never expect to receive gifts; they attend the party only expecting to have fun. You can be every person’s favorite tailgate party host and order all of your closest friends personalized challenge coin bottle openers of their favorite teams. This will benefit your party goers, but it will also benefit you because you never have to worry about someone running off with your beloved challenge coin.

Turn your commemorative coin into a functional bottle opener and become the hit of the party. With your challenge coin bottle opener, you can spark up conversation with new people in the group and keep your throat wet at the same time.