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Recognizing Achievement With Challenge Coins

Achievements can be celebrated in a variety of ways, from special dinners out to silver trophies. One tangible option with affordable costs and long-term satisfaction is personalized challenge coins. These custom-made metal coins can be crafted as awards of recognition for any type of achievement you can think of: graduations, sporting event prizes, accomplishments in business, employee of the month awards, personal development and so much more.

Challenge coins can be designed by anyone, or any number of professional design companies, to show the pictures and colors of a particular team, club group or event. Unique dies are created for each batch of ordered coins. This allows the group or person who is giving the coins out as achievement awards to truly personalize the experience for the people they wish to commemorate. They are often used by military groups, schools, sports and service clubs and by particular events such as the Special Olympics and school graduations.

Why give out challenge coins?

Everyone loves recognition for a job well done. Whether you are proud to reward an employee of the month in your company or celebrate a Little League baseball championship win, these custom coins show how much you appreciate what the recipient has done. Much more so than a nice meal or some inexpensive trinket, these personalized medals have long-term value. This can lead to increased motivation and a sense that their contribution is really appreciated and important.

Personalized coins and medallions can also help create a true team feeling, even if the group is just the employees working on a particular project together. Everyone involved gets the same recognition and badge that shows they were an integral part of getting things done. Whether they keep the coin at their desk, tucked in their pocket or home on the shelf, they will know that everyone around them has one too.

Traditions can be created around the team coin as well. They can become good luck pieces everyone brings out before a big game or something to slap down on the bar when the army platoon has a reunion. Many can be fashioned into keychains or paperweights too, to make them more accessible at all times.

What are some of the personalization options for challenge coins and how do you choose the best customizations for your needs?

Different diameters are available for these coins. The smallest are usually around 1 inch and they can go up to around 3 inches across. Most are round, but other shapes are available. Square and rectangular ones are popular and can be displayed easily on small stands on a desk or shelf. This allows the recipient to show off his achievements easily.

Dog tag shaped coins are available for military group recognition. Many challenge coin companies also offer complete customization of coin shape. Shield or badge shapes would be perfect for police or fire service. State outline coins make great prizes for championship games. Consider mortar board cap shape for graduations, crosses for holy communions and coat-of-arms for family events and service clubs.

Multiple types of metal and materials are offered as well. The most popular options are bronze, nickel-plated, copper, silver, gold, and black metal. These usually come in shiny, brushed, or antique finishes. Of course there are different prices ranges depending on the metal. These would be ideal for sporting events where you wish to aware bronze, silver and gold medals for the winners.

Commemorative coins can be 3-dimensional with carved out pictures or symbols, can be screen printed with detailed pictures, have enamel color in any design, laser etching and sand-blasting. Multiple options for display and presentation exist as well, from velvet bags to custom acrylic cases.

Whether you are the leader of a amateur sports team or the CEO of a large corporation, challenge coins can be the perfect gift to show recognition and appreciation of a job well done. With the wide variety of customization options, these awards can become ultimately personalized for the recipient and serve as a wonderful reminder of their accomplishments.