Limit Special Challenge Coin Options For Fastest Delivery

We know what you are thinking…you found the perfect gift or recognition item – challenge coins – but need them delivered in record time. Below is some extremely helpful information to get your coins to you in the quickest way possible.

Limit The Number of Colors

A design that includes many colors all have to be filled by hand, in individual steps. The more colors you have, the longer the enameling process will take. If you choose to have coins with no color at all your order will deliver the quickest because after the metal plating process has finished, they are ready to ship.

Stay With Traditional 2D Designs

Most challenge coins are produced with simple 2D raised and recessed areas which make up your design. Sometimes, a customer will want a 3D image or element added to their project. The 3D process will take 2-5 days longer than a 2D coin.

Specialty Edging

Edges that are cut by a machine, such as Cross Cut and Beveled edges, take 2-3 days longer than a regular flat edge, or one that is built into the mold. An example of an edge that is built into the mold would be a Spur or Rope type. Machine cut edges will add 2-4 days to your scheduled ship date.

Numbering Can Cost You Time

As with edging, numbering or engraving your challenge coins must be done by machine, which will extend the completion date by 2-3 days.

Dual Plated Coins Need A Lot of Extra Production Time

The look of a dual plated coin (for example, gold and silver) is very pleasing. However, this process is the most delay-causing option for your custom coins. Often times, the dual plating has to be remade on up to 30% of your coins to pass quality control. This means a dual plated design may be ready to ship up to a week after a traditional single plated design.

Here are a few things that will not delay delivery of your order:


Having your order placed in special option packaging such as Velvet cases or Coin Capsules does not add to delivery time.

Antiqued Finish

Giving your coins a weathered look of antiqued metal is a simple process that will not hinder a normal production schedule. Note, this does not include dual antiqued plating.

Glow In The Dark Enamel

We can add special enamel that glows in the dark with no delays.